About Us

Why do we need kidoc

When faced with the diagnosis of a chronic condition of their child, parents need to become overnight superheroes- brave, in control of their emotions, knowledgeable of all related medical aspects, and, of course, always rigorous when administrating treatment. Since these sort of circumstances tend to reveal also the imperfect, human, emotional aspects of this role, the world needs KIDoc.

KIDoc together

Streamlined communication with the medical team looking after your child, as well as access to the community of parents just like you


Tailored assistance in treatment administration, including easy to understand medication info, potential interaction analysis, and alerts whenever it is time to give the next drug


Secured storage and exchange of medical documents featuring customized levels of accessibility for different members of the medical team. Control who gets access to your documents



KIDoc is a Romanian-based MedTech startup, founded in 2020 by a team of experienced medical and technical experts. We are building a platform democratizing access to optimal medical care for children with chronic conditions.

Meet the Team


Andreea was the Valedictorian of the Medical School in Bucharest and graduated from a Master in Business Administration, one in Regenerative Medicine and another one in Genetics. With 10+years of clinical experience in Romania, France, UK and Luxemburg, she strongly believes that the best way to democratize access to optimal medical care, particularly in the context of chronic diseases, is through digitalization. 

Dr. Andreea SERBAN 

Co-founder, CEO

Victor has a Bachelor degree in Computer Science and a Master degree in Algorithms and Bioinformatics from the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics at the University of Bucharest. He has 10+ years experience, both in technical and management positions, in the mobile app field.